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Some time back, my daughter asked me why I had painted my hair, pointing to the grey streaks in it… One
of those bitter sweet questions asked by any curious 3 year old, you would say. Except that our daughter
is not 3, but 23, and is one of those people who live in a different and special world.
On our journey with her, my husband and I have travelled down many paths, and, like Alice in
Wonderland, have found that some of the most trodden ones led nowhere, and some of the least
travelled roads had her galloping down them.
We did find many guides along these paths – some helped us to choose destinations, some drew the maps
for us to follow, some walked with us all the way, and some were just there to give us that small push
when our steps faltered.
But largely, we found that to get to these paths sometimes took a lot of searching, some of the road signs
were faded, the maps were not known to many and more often than not, we were re-inventing not just
the wheel, but the whole vehicle !
And so, this venture was born. Possibilities Unlimited is a comprehensive data base of professionals and
organisations working in the area of special needs. Starting with Bangalore, we hope to eventually grow
this into a national level resource directory. We plan soon, to give user reviews about the listings so that a
judgement can be made on what would meet a particular need. We would like to make good use of each
other’s experiences and hope to be able to expand the data base with help from all the users. We hope, at
a later date, to be able to let users book appointments with the featured professionals and organisations
through the website itself. Most important, we want to open the world of options to those who live in all
parts of India, however small or remote, and let them know that there are others who share their world
and that there are many, many, solutions out there to their “special” needs.

The aim is to ease the journey for all of us who live in this “different” world;
We had started out trying to show our daughter the world through our eyes, but in the end, we saw the
world through her eyes. Suddenly, out there in front of us, instead of narrow, limited destinations, were
unlimited possibilities.